Welcome to the System 2 research newsletter. We are AI researchers who strive to be simultaneously optimistic, cautious, and constructive. We want to build systems that do better, are safer, and help us understand the nature of human intelligence. We must be responsible with how this scientific understanding helps us and how it can harm us. We must find out the externalized hidden costs, and pay them upfront. We must have rigorous scrutiny in moments of excitement and hype. It is this hard work that will give us the tools to solve hard scientific problems herein and build better systems.

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Kurt Bollacker is a computer scientist with a research history in the areas of machine learning, search engines, graph databases, digital archiving, and cardiac simulation.
Ka Wong is a data scientist with a Ph.D. in Statistics. He has worked on Search indexing and evaluation, Question Answering, NLP and crowdsourcing research.
Praveen Paritosh turbocharged Google search with knowledge graphs. He led knowledge representation and AI benchmarking efforts at Google AI, and the Data-Centric AI conversation in industry and academia. He advises ML Commons and Common Crawl.
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